Since the beginning of our activity, we have paid a particular attention to the sourcing of the raw materials we are using.

Very sensitive to the notion of sustainability, we have focused our development on the use of upcycled raw materials.

On our range of scrubs, around 70% of the raw material we are using are upcycled. These materials are co-products from the food or cosmetics industry which are processed to become a valuable cosmetic raw material.

We are trying to established some long term partnership with all our suppliers.

For the most sensitive ones, we have developed an ethical charter that we asked them to respect and signed and which ensures that the fundamental principles of the International Labour

Convention concerning the protection of the workforce and working conditions are respected.
One of our goal is also to source our raw materials as closely as possible from the place where they are growing, and from producer directly.



Since January 2020, we have moved into our new factory which has been designed to limit energy consumption as much as possible.

For exemple, we are using a maximum of natural light, all the lamps are with low energy consumption, the building is isolated, among other things.

In order to valorize our own wastes, we have set up partnerships with companies which can reuse them in their own activities. As a result, our already upcycled products can live another life.


We are working today with customers of all sizes all over the world.

In order to answer your expectation and all the various regulations, we have developed a quality system strongly inspired from all the principles of the good manufacturing process standard and focused also on traceability.


As a result we are already qualified as supplier of customers working under 22716 or Effci standards.