The PhytExtracts range

The Phytextract range was created to answer your needs in natural vegetal actives.

It is based on the principle of the cold maceration process.


It is constituted of 3 categories : Glycerined, Glycolic and Oily.


Ascophyllum, Bilberry Leaves and Elder Flower, Black Caviar, Fucus, Grape , Guarana, Immortelle, Laminaria & Fucus, Limonium, Pelvetia, Silene, Spirulina



Arnica, Bamboo Leaves, Calendula, Cranberry, Fucus, Green Tea, Guarana, Hamamelis, Himanthalia, Horsetail, Ivy, Laminaria, Marron Inde, Spirulina, Scutellaria



Cocoa, Cranberry, Green Tea, Laminaria & Fucus

This range is very easy to integrate in all your formulas thanks to it’s aquesous or oily