GreenPhyt is a manufacturer of raw materials for the cosmetic industry.

Our 3000m2 factory is filled with all the raw materials and production machinery necessary for the transformation of the products we are selling.


The first step in the manufacturing process of natural scrubs. It allows us to make a powder from the raw material we are purchasing.

We are equipped with various grinding machine technology which enable us to process all the different families of raw materials we have in our catalog.


We are equipped with various calibration machines. This step is crucial in our process and enable us us to correctly manufacture the various standard particle sizes we have in our catalog.
Real critical point of the process, it must be validated by a laboratory control.


A micronizer is a gringing machine which enable the manufacturing of powders with a particle size below 25 or 50µm.
A real know how is mandatory to use this machine properly and ensure a perfect production.


Our range of extracts are manufactured by realizing a cold maceration of a plant in a specifical solvent.
The solvents we are using are glycerin, oil or propylene glycol. The product obtained after the maceration is then filtered and either preserved or sterilized.

Thermal Treatment

We are equipped with industrial tools which enable us to carry out our thermal sterilizations.
Cosmos organic certified since 2012, we have more than 10 years of knowledge on this specifical step which is perfectly adapted to our activity and the products we have in the range.

Our whole organic certified line along with the PhytPeel T range is sterilized with this process.