The Flowers and Leaves range

The Flowers and Leaves ranges was created to help you bringing some strong and natural visuals in your formulas.

What could be possibly better than a flower or a piece of leave as a decorative agent in a finished product to instantanatly give a nice naturalness image.


Greenphyt offers you a wide range of products, available in different shapes.


These products are really adapted to help you developping some creative and innovative projects.


Do not hesitate to ask for our assistance to help you selecting the most suitable item for your formula.

Our Flowers range

Amaranthe, Bruyere, Calendula, Camomile, CornFlower, Hibiscus, Jasmin, Lavender, Rosa (Gallica, Centifolia, Damascena), Roman Camomile, Safflower


Our Leaves range

Green Tea, Lemongrass, Lichen,

Olive Leaves, Peppery Mint,

Tea Tree