GreenPhyt is a manufacturer of raw materials for the cosmetic industry, specialized in natural scrubs.




PhytPeel, PhytPeel-T, BioPhytpeel
et Colored Phytpeel



PhytMic et Clays



Flowers and Leaves





  •   We will be pleased to welcome you on our booth n° 1R32 during the next Incosmetics Global exhibition which will take place in Paris Porte de Versailles between the 16th to the 18th of April 2024  

Since the begining of its activity in August 2011, GreenPhyt has now become one of the leading suppliers of natural scrubs in France and all around the world.

We are performing and for many years now more than 60% of our turn over abroad tks to the strong distribution network we have established in many countries with local partners which are experts in their field of activity.


In order to answer specifical customer requirements or general trends, we have developped our range of natural scrubs which is now one of the most complete on the
market with standard items, organic certified, colored



As a logical development, we have also extended our offer with ranges of micronized powders, clays, flowers and leaves.


In January 2020, we moved into our new factory which has been specifically designed to asnwer our needs while integrating as much Eco-design principles as possible.



At the heart of our values since the beginning of our activity, we are also working on as much upcycled products as possible, and are paying particular attention to the sourcing of our raw materials which must be as local and ethical as possible.



Finally, we would like our customers to benefit from our technical expertise, so please feel free to contact us for any needs.